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Great 2 x 2 bedroom Property with a twist.

See it here: Clementine Way: BEO $400,000.

Maybe subdivisable, likely expandable.Copy of 1-9

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Clyde Wharf Apartments Clean Up Awards

We at Leaders are very proud to have sold this development. I still can sell you a choice of units here.

Supreme New Zealand Winner1431051833357


“The exclusive apartment redevelopment, which juts out into Wellington Harbour, took the supreme award in the 2015 Commercial Projects Awards awarded by the Registered Master Builders Association on Friday.”

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Staging makes SUCH a Difference!






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the Man With 629 Houses

Enjoyed meeting & hearing speak, Kevin Green  from Wales. Personable investor out here speaking. Says he is the biggest private residential landlord in UK ( excluding funds & housing associations). Worth listening to. Here is his web;

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Ducks on their way to the $4.90 Subway deal! A great country where ducks can walk down the main street!

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Once Were Manufacturers

End of an era. Here is the demolition of an old car  assembly plant in Petone.

Incongruously, opposite that the old GM factory is now used as a huge yard for selling… used Japanese imports

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Are Christchurch People Buying Elsewhere?

I have only met one Christchurch  party paid out on their destroyed house, who have bought in Wellington. They intend going back to Christchurch in 2 years. It seems almost no one has been paid out on insurance. Any agents anywhere seen evidence of Christchurch influence? If these homeowners  have not bought elsewhere, & can not yet re build….what are they doing? Australia? Renting elsewhere? Any ideas?

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This Can Not Be the Highway To Wellington!

New Zealand safety barrier

That must be what many travelling visitors say when faced with this daunting view of the Rimituka hill road. About 100 metres straight down, beyond that fence.

I guess it IS  hard to believe this is one of only 2 routes out of the nations capital!


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Happy Feet lands in front of my 900 m2 listing.

Poor confused penguin was in front of my listed beach house, the 900 m2  gem built reputedly with money from the Hilton ( ie Paris Hilton)  fortune.  happy feet  was taken to zoo before we arrived, still had a great beach walk on Friday after work, at dusk And  collected enough  shellfish to make a great pasta dish . Heaven.

Here is the house. 80 metres wide, direct beach access.

Isn’t real estate the best job in the world, still?

went looking for Happy Feet. Just got a beach walk with the kids. Perfect.

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Variable ” no circular” rates in one suburb.

Cooper street & Firth Terrace are 200m apart. Both blue chip Karori. Both mainly $700k 1920s’ houses.  No clear differnce of any type. Yet Cooper st has abot 20 % “No circulars” stickers, while Firth has only 5 out of 32 without. 85%. Never can figger that one out, and it bugs me!

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