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A For Apartments: Auckland’s Solution.

Like it or not, density has to go up. The”more road” solution is proven to fail, worldwide. Photo, Jason Langley.2B0F60C300000578-0-image-m-42_1438627612337

August 10 2015 | Auckland real estate and Environmental Comment and Solving Housing shortage and Zoning | No Comments »

Small Sections a Help to Auckland?

Housing shortage and urban sprawl solution? Tainui Tce in Mount Cook, Wellington, includes 4 houses on 106 square metre sections! I know because I sold one once. One of them has a 90 m2, 2 story house on it. Everyone is happy, & have been for 140 years. So why the 250 to 400 m2 requirements these days? It’ s either small freehold sections, or planners will need to start looking at trailer parks – like other developed countries have! resized_1137541737_2d42e36932df4f4a8003ce2edc285c1a tommap-aerial-image-2700466467925372333

July 31 2015 | Around Wonderful Wellington and Auckland real estate and Solving Housing shortage and Zoning | No Comments »