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Great infill Khandallah housing

these modern ( maybe 10 year old) townhouses, right in Khandallah Village are some of the few around Wellington10 05 2011 012 that add to their streetscape. Most do not. Well done, developer!

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Who remembers the 60’s!

Shagadelic Wallpaper, baby! New  listing, yesterday. This paper keeps popping up over the years in  houses I get. ..think it was cutting edge risque with the in crowd in the swinging 60’s.

60's papers

60's papers

Oh that was the days, baby!

Shagadelic, baby

Know of  a well known car dealer of that era, still around,  still hustling, that bought it.  No names sorry.

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Wonderful Wellington Buildings. Wonderful House

Yes, a bit Left Field.
Dowse Drive, Maungaraki.
I love the design!
Cant find Architect. Built 1966. Very Fritz Eisenhoffer/ Frank Lloyd Wright/Miles Van der Rohe.Note near wall is concrete or block.
Two cool chairs in it that suit real well.

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