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Wellington Gets Busy- 65 Offers on this House!

Yes, the 65 written tenders this Northland Wellington house covered a range of nearly $300,000. We sold it  about 50% over the  – low- RV of $495,000.

It seems the arrival of some Auckland investors since 1st October deposit changes, has finally made Wellingtonians’ get a bit of confidence in their own housing stock! The shortage of stock & low interest rates may result in some upward prices in the new year: a change to what has been 8 years of virtually no price changes in the region. See graph below.

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Dearest sale in Oriental Bay

Houses we remember selling no 2. $2.26m, Oriental Bay 2006. Estate. Stuffed pet in bedroom. $100k vases in lounge. I believe the new owners have not yet finished upgrade. That is, 6 years of rebuild! A great house in the best part of the bay. Next door recently became the new highest sale at$4.5m, & worth every cent.


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Houses We Remember Selling

I always loved this gorgeous roger Walker design. Sadly you note the best don’t come back often! Sold maybe 12 years ago in Northland, Wellington.

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