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Would You Like This To Fall?

Wellington Chimney Picture 002

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good earthquakes recently

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Wellington Water Supply in Earthquake

Hard to imagine this junction standing much of a shake. WRC do have plans to improve I believe.


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Are Christchurch People Buying Elsewhere?

I have only met one Christchurch  party paid out on their destroyed house, who have bought in Wellington. They intend going back to Christchurch in 2 years. It seems almost no one has been paid out on insurance. Any agents anywhere seen evidence of Christchurch influence? If these homeowners  have not bought elsewhere, & can not yet re build….what are they doing? Australia? Renting elsewhere? Any ideas?

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You cant help timing!

Excitement city

Excitement city

“Frock up for an eventful weekend in Christchurch” This huge billboard went up in Wellington the week or 2 before the shake. you cant help timing!

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Housing Quality Goes Backwards.

First we showed our ability to design, consent and  build leaky houses in the late 20th century. Now in the 21st we consent subdivisions and build houses , in fact whole streets of houses that can’t survive a reasonable earthquake. ( Be aware, this was NOT the big one.)

Despite the choking  and costly regulation  house building is done under now, the recent houses we see in Christchurch have often failed, hugely. My brothers 100 year old villa is fine. What is learnt?

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When The Big One Comes

Soho Apartments is only one of 3 apartment buildings in Wellington, I am told, that comply with the latest code. The complex is actually 4 16 story towers, each of which can sway 600 mm without damaging each other. Good for a magnitude 8.5 shake…but I trust its not tested!

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