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Wellington Gets Busy- 65 Offers on this House!

Yes, the 65 written tenders this Northland Wellington house covered a range of nearly $300,000. We sold it  about 50% over the  – low- RV of $495,000.

It seems the arrival of some Auckland investors since 1st October deposit changes, has finally made Wellingtonians’ get a bit of confidence in their own housing stock! The shortage of stock & low interest rates may result in some upward prices in the new year: a change to what has been 8 years of virtually no price changes in the region. See graph below.

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Auckland Buyers Storm Wellington?

In the last week I have had three offers from Auckland investors: one has bought this beauty in Thorndon from me. Way over its silly RV of $1,050,000. Yielding over 6%, on a lovely 550 m2 section in a great street in Thorndon ( Burnell Avenuemain). Bought without physical inspection though the buyer knew the property and carried out full diligence. The other two offers were made sight unseen also. I’ve rarely  had even one offer like that in 26 years real estate. A trend or an anomaly?

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No offers Prior To Tender Close.

No offers presented till property on market for 7 days. No tenders that sell prior to advertised close date. My employers  have mandated these rules for years: seems reasonable in order to work for a vendors best price!  Licenced under REAA 2008

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A For Apartments: Auckland’s Solution.

Like it or not, density has to go up. The”more road” solution is proven to fail, worldwide. Photo, Jason Langley.2B0F60C300000578-0-image-m-42_1438627612337

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Small Sections a Help to Auckland?

Housing shortage and urban sprawl solution? Tainui Tce in Mount Cook, Wellington, includes 4 houses on 106 square metre sections! I know because I sold one once. One of them has a 90 m2, 2 story house on it. Everyone is happy, & have been for 140 years. So why the 250 to 400 m2 requirements these days? It’ s either small freehold sections, or planners will need to start looking at trailer parks – like other developed countries have! resized_1137541737_2d42e36932df4f4a8003ce2edc285c1a tommap-aerial-image-2700466467925372333

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“Finders” still getting business!

Should I be horrified? High income past clients tell me in street on Saturday ” we are buying 3 houses through ( outfit I have never heard of) mostly using equity in our ($1m)  house.  Interest only. ( You have heard this before?) One Auckland, one Hamilton, one Westport. Only for capital growth. The figures stack up”  I could scarcely avoid flinching. Was I wrong to feel so negative? Does “only for capital growth”  really mean “hardly funds the borrowing”? Could, in fact, this make them rich?

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Mount Eden Prison 2X Allowed Height

Yes, 30 metres high, in an area you or I could go to 15 metres. Visible from motorway.
Two great quotes!

” The prison was passed in the “dearest” Helen Clark years. Council wanted 4 levels but Helen & Goff- who was Corrections Minister at the time- bulldozed it through . The documentation is clear. This communist style monstrosity is a fitting tribute to the Clark years’


” Its an eysore, a a monstrosity, a blight on the landscape. So it fits nicely into the architectural plan of Auckland.”

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