Wonderful Wellington Buildings. Wondeful Public Building

Heres what will be an ongoing list of Wellington buildings that improve our environment

The New Supreme Court, Lampton Quay. This I feel will stand the test of time. I have discussed its creation with Labour MP Rick Barker who was involved. I like the brief, I like the look. Just discoverd today there are public tours. Must take one.

April 25 2010 06:19 pm | Admiring Real Estate - as Art and Around Wonderful Wellington

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  1. colin on 14 Dec 2012 at 9:27 am #

    Ha Ha I had Rick Barker in the car, Labour MP. Stopped at these lights. Said I liked the building. Without saying ‘Well I built it” he diplomatically indicated a major involvement. I later walked past,,, & there is his name on the Foundation Stone! He was Minister for Courts at the time it was commissioned!

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