Selling To “investors”

Heres a couple of “investor guidance” philosophies to give you the “flavor” of what they want from you!

Well, if you have, or are going to sell to a true investor, you will have done one or several things wrong, probably.
They aim to buy below market value, on their terms, with great returns, either capital gain or yield.
Heres what has or will cause it:
You bought something only an investor would want to take off your hands.
You so overpriced it when it went to market you killed a fair sale, & were only left with the bottom feeders.
you failed to present it well. Didnt have the money, time or inclination to tidy it.
Your tenants were such pigs it took 5% off the value. Get them out, clean it & home stage. $2000 homestaging should add $10000 at least.
You didnt get out soon enough. Sell before you MUST!
You bought in a terrrible location.
You didnt market it well:
you sold it yourself .
You didnt get a good agent.
You didnt get a good company.
You didnt spend on advertizing.
Sorry, if they buy, you lost!
( Note: not all sales to ‘investors” will be’ lose/win’ but in Wellington, the chances are high!)

December 14 2009 11:35 am | Landlords/Investment and Selling Tips

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