Do you like your staff??

This is a question I sometimes ponder when tenants tell me they want to cram more and more workers into less and less office space. It seems that common sense can only gain acceptance once it is confirmed by an academic study but real change only happens when corporates recognize the positive effect on their bottom line. A recent article from the NBR about the future of the workplace details a study from the British Office Council noting that some big corporates have discovered that improving air quality and access to natural light actually improves employees perception of their own productivity (they don’t measure actual output) and their cognitive function.

The answer to future workspace design it seems is fripperies. I had to look it up, a frippery is an unnecessary and ornamental feature, regardless I love the word as it is almost onomatopoeic. (I shall let you look that up if you don’t know it). Leesman an international workplace survey company conducted a huge survey of some 600,000 workers and found 40% of whom considered their place of work frustrated their productivity. Apparently there are at least 200 million of us who work principally in offices and improving the quality of workspace environment not only decreases the cost of sick pay but improves the wellbeing of the workers.

Landlords and developers have to do their part in providing better buildings… I have just found out that a Breeam score measures building sustainability but the big corporates employers are now also considering the wellbeing of the staff, Goldman Sachs apparently have workplace ambassadors responsible for the welfare of staff.

Pressure from increasing rents and costs as well as new workplace practices continues to bring down the average area per head but with design to make spaces more flexible, like offices which convert to meeting rooms, companies can make their offices better places for workers to spend their day. WeWork a huge global co-working provider designs their offices with smaller desks but provide places for workers to gather for coffee and informal and impromptu meetings plus they devote 3-4% of office area for fripperies like table tennis tables and the like. So embrace the frippery, your staff will love your for it!

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