Canterbury Plains – certainly not plain!

 I was reading Deon Swiggs’ comments about how beautiful New Zealand is and have to agree! I took the day off on Wednesday and went north up State Highway 1 to a little place called Greta Valley then went inland to a settlement called Scargill. I made the comment to my wife about how green everything was and just how stunning the countryside was looking. We have made that trip several times before, and I don’t know if it is just me not having taken much notice before, or whether it just did look particularly stunning that day!

Maybe with all the turmoil around the world financial markets and all the negativity in the media, I was subconsciously looking for some good! Either way, our countryside – affectionately known as the Canterbury Plains for obvious reasons (because they are so flat and seem to go on for ever), is certainly not PLAIN! We are lucky to live in such a beautiful country and should not take that for granted.

I guess it’s like anything though, you can only see what you allow your mind to see. So open your mind and your eyes everyone, cause we are living in one of the most beautiful places on our planet!

From a one-eyed Cantabrian!!

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  1. avatar Peter Driscoll says:

    Yeah i agree Sean, I was also taken by Kaikoura and Hanmer Springs which I hadn’t seen for a while and was really impressed. My family used to know Hanmer well………

  2. Sean

    I hate to say this – but a photo (picture) is worth a thousand words and by my count you have written 212 – so you should have one fifth of a photo.

    So in the spirit of giving and sharing here is a photo I found that speaks to me of Canterbury – unfortunately a little south of Scargill – Rakaia a beautiful and powerful image of NZ.

    These quality images are available on a brilliant website I use all the time called iStockphoto – they provide a massive library of images that are easily searchable and most importantly of all are royalty paid. I use them and really feel they add to the presentation of a blog – this one is my gift to you!

  3. avatar Deon Swiggs says:

    Hey mate, cheers for the mention. We do have a unique environment we live in and I do think we take it for granted most of the time.
    As I said on my blog I will be down your neck of the woods soon, so will get to see the awesome kaikoura cost again soon

  4. avatar Dave says:

    Yep, as we say around here, if there is no photos, it didn’t happen 😉
    Besides which you can also use the Creative Commons tagged Flickr images.
    As long as you include attribution and a link then you can use images from there too!
    Take a look at for more info

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