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When in doubt ask “WWGD” What would Google do?

Posted on: June 17th, 2010 | Filed in Agent Tips, Real Estate Industry News

What would Google do? - Jeff Jarvis, NZ Real estateThe previous post on the subject of aspiring new real estate publicly proclaim their intention to seek a license, posed the question “There has to be a better solution” than using the old medium of public notices in newspapers. Well the fact is there is a better solution.

That better solution lies in the answer to the smarter question:

What would Google Do?

This is both a smart question, but also the title of a great book written by the excellent commentator and leading light for the future of business – Jeff Jarvis.

The answer as to “what would Google do” in this situation is as follows.

The purpose of the REAA insisting that aspiring real estate agents / salespeople make a public notice of their intention (I am making this assumption and I welcome and encourage input and feedback from the REAA) is to allow anyone who has an objection to raise that objection so that it can be heard and in so doing ensure that the industry solely comprises people with high public standing.

So what I am suggesting is finding a way to make the intentions of aspiring real estate people public. In this way  so  if there are people who have genuine concerns, then those concerns can be heard. So here is my suggested solution.

A website is built onto which all aspiring real estate salespeople register their details. This can also provide them with the opportunity to use the web to link to referral documents and repositories of information which will support their status – specifically profile pages on LinkedIn, their own website or Facebook profile (if that is appropriate).

Having aggregated this database on a single site on the web, the key thing is making it easily found. This requires search engine marketing. The key to successful search engine marketing is the link economy and contextual content. Hosting this website / database as part of would provide both of these requirements straight off. is a highly Google indexed site for all matters concerning NZ real estate, this would provide this service instant visibility in Google search.

In addition the use of keyword marketing using Google Adwords would ensure that peripheral searches around keywords such as “new agents” “agent profiles” “public register” would point back to the database and direct those who want to be know who is seeking appointment a direction to take to find the answer.

Further using the standard tools of the web, would allow anyone to set up email alerts or RSS feeds filtered to locations or names so that should anyone have any reason to be alerted to as to a person’s aspiration, technology can come to the rescue.

Should anyone have any concern around privacy then they should address that to the REAA, after all it is their requirement that people have a obligation to openly disclose their public request for “approval” – if they have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear.

This functionality is very simple, it is more importantly far more effective than using the 19th century mode of public notices in newspapers – surely the real estate industry can be seen to embrace new technology with all its benefits and efficiency.

What I have described is what is needed and is in my judgment the answer to the question “What would Google do”? – the question is now posed to the REAA – would you like us here at to build it?

Here is an open public offer to the industry and the REAA – we will build this system and database and undertake the search engine marketing activity around it. We are an industry owned website and in our judgment this is in the best interests of the industry – those in it today and though keen to enter its ranks – at the very least we can save a significant amount of wasted money propping up dead sections of newspapers.

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  1. phil says:

    Interesting proposal, and certainly one that makes sense, it will be interesting to see REAA’s response if any.

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