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Vineyards for sale – a perspective of the market of the past few years

Posted on: August 17th, 2010 | Filed in Businesses for Sale, Featured

iStock_000011873443SmallThe NZ wine industry is worth around $1 billion a year in exports, a staggering increase from just $168 million at the start of the decade. There are around 643 wineries across the country and this total has witnessed a significant increase over the decade from just 358. These statistics are part of a very detailed annual report produced by the NZ Winegrowers .

Whilst it is recognised that there is not a perfect correlation between vineyards and wineries, the data we collect from the website of can provide an insight into this important industry from the perspective of when and how vineyards are marketed for sale. The website provides a detailed analysis of activity across the breadth of the real estate market going back to the beginning of 2007.

Within this expansive phase of the last decade there has been a steady stream of transactions as vineyards have been bought and sold. In the past three and a half years some 305 vineyards have been advertised for sale on the website of under the Farms section and now on the specialist website of .

At this time there are 76 vineyards on the market. Not the highest level over the period as can been seen from the chart below but higher than inventory during 2007, when economic conditions were more favourable and business finance somewhat easier to hand.

Vineyards listed and on the market in NZ 2007 to 2010

Vineyards tend not to sell that quickly and that is why the average time on the website has been just under 9 months across all of these listings over this period.

In terms of where these vineyards are located the majority have come onto the market in the Marlborough region (44%) followed by Hawkes Bay (19%), Central Otago (17%) region. The chart below contrasts this regional listing focus to the reported 2009 data of regional location of wineries.


In terms of listed prices – ranking all of the listed vineyards from most expensive sees all of the Top 10 feature Marlborough vineyards ranging in price from $10m to $30m. Fully 70% of all the vineyards marketed over the past 3 and a half years have been priced at over $1m. Currently the most expensive vineyard on the web is this 71ha winery and vineyard operation in the Blenheim areas with just over 54ha of planted vines, together with a purpose built winery. The price $18m.

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