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Traditional media begins to recognise the influence of blogs

Posted on: May 24th, 2008 | Filed in Media commmentary

It is interesting and quite telling (given the media’s reaction to my prior post on the correlation between web traffic and media coverage of real estate) that the NZ Herald have chosen to paraphrase my recent blog post regarding the government’s initiative to assist first time buyers with a shared equity scheme, in an article in today’s paper, entitled “Property investors could target shared equity scheme“!

Is it now the case that the NZ Herald seeks to leverage the resources of citizen journalists to fill its paper rather than undertake their own investigative journalism?

I suppose I should be flattered that the NZ Herald should choose to observe and comment so publicly on the content of this blog – clearly my message regarding the value in a wider coverage of real estate issues through social media channels of blogs and forums is beginning to resonate with traditional media – this is therefore likely to be a good outcome for the consumer.

As a point of clarification from the NZ Herald article – I have certainly never set myself up as, nor have made any such claim to be a “real estate expert” as the article claims. My expertise is in website operation and management, my comments and posts on this blog are observations and analysis of topical issues pertaining to the real estate industry.

Article Discussion

  1. Glen Barnes says:

    The worst thing is that they don’t even link to your blog entry. It is common practice to provide trackbacks and links, after all hyperlinks are the whole reason the web exists. If they want to join the conversation it should be a two-way street!

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