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Posted on: November 13th, 2007 | Filed in Architecture & Construction, Regional News, Renting

A real estate agent in Christchurch has bought the rights to be the first kiwi in space via private rocket. To be honest, a trip to the moon is probably high on the wish list for us all. Personally, I would be happy just to travel out far enough to float around in a weightless environment; I’m not that worried about hitting a par 3 on the Ptolemy Crater Course.
Given that this may not come to pass in our lifetimes – what could be the next best thing for astronaut-hopefuls is a spaceship lifestyle on earth in Dunedin.

Experience life like Lady Penelope, Virgil and Scott with the added bonus of being right next to the beach

This futuristic flat features an open plan orbiter with one bedroom, built in furniture, small kitchen and separate bathroom with shower and toilet.

Otago spaceship It has a large pod, which is docked onto the back of it for use as an extra lounge or office – earthlings call this a conservatory. There is also a garage for parking your space cruiser and off-space-highway room for visitors to dock their sandcrawlers. Clever co-ordinates and orbit speed means this ship catches all day sun and views of Blueskin Bay (when you’re not on the dark-side of the moon).For times when you want to get back down to earth – a quick space-walk lands you on Warrington Beach.

Please note: Aliens wanting to take up the tenancy may need a reference.

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