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Stats on viewing property now includes mobile

Posted on: May 31st, 2012 | Filed in mobile, Website news

Mobile is in my view a key part of the future of real estate marketing. Already in NZ our mobile visitors represent over 1 in 5 of our monthly traffic with people accessing information on smartphones and iPads via the web and through NZ’s Favourite Property app.

In the US the leading real estate website – Zillow reported recently that more half of all engagement with listings is occurring on a mobile platform.

Given the scale of usage it was natural for us to highlight the mobile usage on the stats that we showcase for every listing on the website – in case you did not already know how, just click the link under the listing number which counts the number of views.

Each day we now report the total for web viewings in blue and the viewing on the mobile app platform for Android and iPhone in green as shown below.

Article Discussion

  1. Good idea. The iPhone app is an incredibly convenient way to look for real estate, especially if you want to follow listings for sale in a particular neighborhood. What amazes me, is how many agents do not include open home details on websites… Hence, if you search for property on the iPhone app, you tend to find 1 in 10 (or sometimes even fewer) listings have open home details. How frustrating for buyers!!

    I have got one suggested improvement though… When I place an ad on the realestate website, the headline does not seem to come through on the realestate app. Hence I tend to repeat the headline as the first line of the body of the ad as well… This way it comes through on the iPhone app as well. But on the website the headline then appears twice :-/

    Adam Cockburn 021 409 637
    Wellington Real Estate Agent

  2. Adam

    Thanks for the feedback. Open home details are crucial and the value of the app very much relies on this detail, especially as usage is so high at the weekend.

    I have to state that the issue is often not at the agent level – sometimes the IT systems between us and some real estate companies do not supply the data of open homes and this then results in no open home details showing for some firms. We are constantly working to get all of the systems integrated to enhance the user experience.

    As to the headline, I must admit I had never noticed this and nobody has ever raised it in the past. I personally believe the headline is part of the advertising messaging which lives on a website or the paper. The app is a mobile device – its primary task is to provide an answer to “whats around here for sale – based on my criteria” – I see what properties are on the market and the app provides the factual details. Do I need the headline – I guess, you are saying it is important (that’s why you repeat it in the first line), I hold a different opinion.

    Be great to hear others views on this matter.

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