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5 provides innovative solution for native speaking chinese property buyers

Posted on: April 19th, 2012 | Filed in Featured, International, Website news, Website searching

The appeal of NZ property is universal – we are lucky (some would say) to live in such a beautiful country, a place many people can only dream of living. Our property though is accessible and appealing to overseas investors and prospective new residents.

Just compare NZ to Australia, here there is no Capital Gains Tax or Stamp duty; additionally overseas investors are restricted in Australia to new builds as opposed to the far more limited restrictions here.

These circumstances are driving an ever growing audience to listings on from overseas. Just last month over 110,000 unique visitors checked out property on the site from outside NZ, that represents over 1 in 4 of all of our visitors each month.

The most active viewers are those in the English speaking countries of Australia, UK, US and Canada, but Asia is assuming a greater and greater presence among this audience growing at 3 times the rate of growth of other countries. This certainly reflects the economic relations NZ is building with its Asia Pacific partners.

This audience though is not as well catered for as English language speakers. This is somethingthat we have focused on over the past year. The main issue facing us has been the ability for us to provide a Chinese language version of the site which can rank highly when Chinese based property seekers are searching for NZ property – especially as the major search engine in China is Baidu. As a company we have always invested heavily in Search Engine Optimistion (SEO) to drive our site and brand given the credibility this brings to our site, however optimising in English for Google is a very different issue from optimising for Chinese language search on Baidu.

This challenge has been solved through a partnership which has established with a NZ/Chinese company The company combines the domestic Chinese technology team with the best of SEO capabilities in the Chinese market. Based in Auckland and Beijing, Hougarden has built a website that provides a rich information source for property seekers combining the full listings from translated into Chinese with translated news stories covering the broad NZ economy and property news.

It was decided that translated listings in Chinese would be best presented on a separate website and domain name, rather than on a sub domain of and that is the rationale for the partnership with Hougarden.

So how does it work?

Hougarden uses the API of listings to populate their website, all the content of listings including photos, description as well as agent contact details are provided on the HouGarden site in Chinese. By using the API the listings on HouGarden are synchronised with so new listings and withdrawn listings are updated at the same time.

The site provides the great functionality and usability as and the deliberate similarity in look and feel is a deliberate decision to reflect the true partnership relationship.

Property seekers making an enquiry through the HouGarden website by email can choose to respond in Chinese or in English. These email pass through with a human translations service provided by HouGarden. The agent will receive the enquiry in English with a clear message detailing that the enquiry has come via HouGarden website from a Chinese enquirer and whether the original enquiry was written in English or Chinese.

We recommend that agents receiving these enquiries develop a relationship with a Chinese speaking colleague to assist in managing these requests, although clearly an enquiry written originally in English can be directly responded to. It is the plan for the future for Hougarden to potentially provide a return translation service.

The launch of Hougarden was marked this week by a presentation and official signing ceremony in Auckland. Pictured below is Sam Yin the Managing Director of with myself after the signing ceremony.

We are very excited by this development as a further means for to provide increased profile and advertising for our customers’ listings – reaching out to the massive audience of 1.3 billion Chinese both in NZ and in China.

Article Discussion

  1. Andrew Burns says:

    I feel sorry for first home buyers with the extra demand that this will generate and subsequent effect on prices.

  2. I have received this email and felt that it would be of value to post it as a comment and through that allow me to answer the question and share the response in a public manner.

    Commenter wrote:

    “I to suppose this means you’ve asked your “prime customers”, i.e. the average New Zealander, whether they actually want to encourage Chinese investors to the degree you seem to be looking for?

    As an ex-pat Kiwi looking to return to NZ, my vote would not be in favor of attracting 1.3 Billion Chinese to NZ (particularly if they can’t speak English) – am I alone?”

    My response:
    I recognise that overseas investors buying NZ property is a sensitive issue.

    The fact is people buy property not because we have website but because they judge that NZ represents an investment opportunity when compared to other countries.

    We have chosen to provide a data feed to partner with a specialist chinese language website for NZ property. There are already 2 other chinese language NZ real estate websites in the market, neither we judge provide a quality service to our customers (real estate agents and their clients), it is primarily for this reason that we have chosen to works with Hougarden to deliver this new site.

  3. Brad says:


    You are not alone, expat kiwi myself it’s very sad to see this. Add the Crafar farms that our boss has decided to sell and anyone with a brain can see it’s only going one way. The Chinese are smart you can not take that away from them, they are just looking to the future. They have a long term plan which sadly our government do not see what is happening. In 30/40 years time you will not recognise NZ as it will be sold. Bee Hive……Don’t sell our god damn country !!!

    As global population swells over the coming decades more mouths are to be fed. The chinese will own all our farms, hence the dairy and meat exports from NZ will be chinese owned, not kiwi, even though coming from NZ farms.

    It’s very sad and only our kids will pay the cost, they will not know a NZ how it was when we grew up. This gets to me, really does but the government seem oblivious to doing anything about it, or the vision to change and have a long term plan to keep it “NZ Made”. Shame


  4. Evelyn Norton says:

    I’m sad that there is still so much racism in our wonderful country. If there is a case for generalising I’d say the asians who come here are an asset to our country, being hard working and smart.
    I have no image of asians over-running NZ and changing what it is. The 10% asian population and similar polynesian/maori give richness to our nation. They give us better understanding of the rest of the world and other points of view. We can be involved in the world better and more.
    I’m delighted with an asian link. It would be good to have some sort of rolling highlight of properties and areas because one of the difficulties of shopping from overseas is knowing the areas and where to look. The extra information for foreigners will be great. Thanks

  5. Evelyn

    Many thanks for your contribution. A key component of social media is the principle of open and balanced opinion.

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