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Real estate video – the good and the bad

Posted on: January 12th, 2008 | Filed in Cool sites, Online marketing

It’s a cliche I know, but when it comes to the good and the bad in this world (and especially in the context of real estate) – you never have to look any further then the USA, and in the US it doesn’t get any better than New York. This city has this week been playing host to Real Estate Connect a real estate industry conference bringing together real estate agents and technology companies in what has become a valuable insight into global trends in real estate marketing online.

I have had the pleasure of attending and sharing the NZ experience with my US and international colleagues; hot on the list of emerging trends this year has been the role of video in real estate marketing. Real estate video is a perfect match for video – rich images, exuberant personalities and persuasive selling – the pivotal ingredients of a 3 minute mini-movie!

However as you can image there is clearly a vast difference between the professional video shoot in the made-for-TV school style as opposed to the amateur handycam style. In wishing to reflect this emerging trend I was delighted to stumble across a fantastic site which today hosts a perfect snapshot of what I am alluding too “Best of the Bad – So bad it’s good - the good and the bad of real estate videos

This video is but one of a daily diet of short videoblogs created and hosted by Rachel Natalie Klein on “” – describing itself as the “home for daily videos about real estate-obsessed NYC”. This is the best videoblog I have come across and adds richness to New Yorker’s day by providing an inspiring and entertaining video-bite on the city’s second favourite passion after money – real estate.

It certainly is worth diving into her archives to capture a spirit of New York from a real estate perspective, but also to see the capability and effectiveness of videoblogging as a communication medium – could we potentially see such a feature revealing the true lives behind the curtain of life in Remuera!?

Alistair Helm

Article Discussion

  1. greg says:

    Fantasticly funny! Love the Best of the bad! If we Real Estate video the quality of ‘best of the bad’ GREAT. But if we get video similar to the stuff the ‘creepy guy’ does NOT GREAT. It seems to me there would be no point and therefore no benefit of bother to do a ‘home video’ of your home if it is dark and dull – unless of course, you didn’t really want to sell?

  2. Jay Thompson says:

    Nice place you have here Alistair, keep up the great work! And thanks for stopping by the Phoenix Real Estate Guy blog!!

  3. Max Percy says:

    Loved it. Great presenter. This is the way of the future-video.
    Thanks for the intro.

  4. Thanks guys for this feedback – I must admit I have added IntoTheBox to my RSS feeds as the daily dose of NY real estate makes a very amusing start to my working day.

    What do you think of such a concept for NZ – a regular weekly “programme” professionally produced videopodcast / videoblog which could present the real estate market from the property to the people to serious issues to the lighthearted??

  5. […] I had been looking for quite a while to be able to quote the kind of true interpretation of much used “real-estate-speak”and I found this article within a specialised wiki set up by Inman Publishing – a specialised real estate publisher that hosts the twice annual Real Estate Connect conference which I attended in January and spoke of in the post on video blogs. […]

  6. Ray Lane says:

    What amazes me is how professional real estate agents can fall into this trap. I realize that you can get away with taking your own still some times, but video is a much tougher beast to tame.

    Just like you shouldn’t make your own business cards and yard signs just because you have a new box of crayons, you also shouldn’t make your own videos just because you got a $300 cam from Best Buy.

    For years, agents have paid $100-$300 a pop to get distorted 360 still images, yet they won’t spend that on a decent video shot by someone with a decent camera and microphone. A good video allows you to not only show the house, but also market yourself and your services. Meaning that you can not only sell the home, but hopefully entice others to have you buy and sell for them. This is the time to be ahead of the curve, not in the gutter.

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