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Real estate mobile search comes to the Android smartphone

Posted on: October 9th, 2011 | Filed in Featured, mobile

The success of the app for the iPhone has transformed the NZ real estate search experience. Every day thousands of eager property seekers fire up the iPhone app to checkout what property is for sale or rent right around where they are at that time. It’s the only property app in NZ for a smartphone that utilises the GPS capability to help you discover your favourite new home, from the most comprehensive database of listings for properties on the market.

All of these benefits has made the app for the iPhone the mobile app of choice and is why over 40,000 downloads have been made through the iTunes app store in the past 11 months – with still over 100 new downloads every day.

The iPhone is unquestionably an innovative and highly appealing device, but globally the Android operating system is proving the leader with over 500,000 activations a day globally. In NZ the Android platform offers a wide range of smartphone options and this why it is so important for all these Android smartphone owners to have a mobile app for house hunting. To meet this need is delighted to release an Android app to complement the iPhone appĀ .

The functionality is very similar – again offering the only GPS enabled property search app in NZ for the comprehensive selection of property on the market. The app for both iPhone and Android draws on the enormous property database of hosting as it does over 95% of all listed properties by licensed real estate agents.

The Android app is free and can be downloaded through the Android marketplace. Simple and easy to use and sure to swell the numbers of property seekers turning to their smartphone as well as their web browser to search for their next home.


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  1. olivier says:

    Is the app going to be avaible for tablet aswell?

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