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Real estate marketing – practical online advice

Posted on: September 20th, 2010 | Filed in Agent Tips, Featured, Online marketing, social media, Website searching

iStock_000000504669XSmallThe recent “Future of Real Estate” conference held in Auckland provided us with the opportunity of sitting down with the keynote speakers and interviewing them to provide some global perspective to the opportunity emerging in online marketing.


Joel Burslem is a highly regarded consultant with a background in online real estate marketing which has included stints at Inman News, Prudential as well as 1000 Watt Consulting where he currently works. In this interview I seek to better understand Joel’s perspective, advice and insight into blogging from the standpoint of a real estate agent.

Search Marketing

No successful business these days can ignore the importance of search marketing and search engine optimisation. For real estate this is ever more important as the future of lead generation for agents will likely come from online referrals and evaluations. To achieve standout requires a deep appreciation and understanding of search. For the conference we invited Charles Coxhead to speak on this key topic. Charles has an extensive experience in this area and in this interview I speak to Charles and get him to share some of the critical issues and advice around this subject.

Online Marketing

With such an excellent line up of speakers, we grabbed the opportunity to have a panel discussion with Joel Burslem, Charles Coxhead and Simon Baker. This free flowing discussion starts off looking at the dynamic shift in real estate advertising from print to online as witnessed around the world. It then goes on to talk about the priorities for real estate companies, offices and agents in their online presence and marketing, covering the tools of Facebook and Google Adwords, amongst other things.

We split the session into 2 videos covering the 20 minute discussion:

Part 2

Article Discussion

  1. Ross Brader says:

    A great series of videos – very informative and interesting with plenty of ideas in there related to blogging, marketing, etc. Surprising that more salespeople haven’t watched these videos since they were posted on youtube!

    Looks like I will have to turn my site into a suburb site with local video, community content, 365 things to do in Pt Chev etc, etc

  2. Alistair Helm says:


    Thanks – I suspect we may see a few variations of “365 things to do in ..”

  3. fantastic stuff yet again Alistair, you continually outdo yourself with your blogs.
    Love the video segments esp the one with Joel. Scheduling is soooo important in real estate and could probably be the one underlining factor that will determine the success of any real estate salesperson (or practitioner as Joel calls us).
    Selling homes is like one big open ended space and is really hard for newbies to get their heads around. Where do I start, what do I do to earn money today, and how can I do it more efficiently? These are the questions that every real estate agent must answer daily.
    The agents that have self discipline and can form a daily pattern of behaviour that is productive, are the ones that are at the top.
    It is the same with being successful as a blogger. Discipline, focus, and scheduling!

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