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Real estate giving back to the community

Posted on: July 29th, 2010 | Filed in Real Estate Industry

It goes without saying that the real estate industry is an extensive industry employing somewhere in the region of 12,000 people encompassing both active selling agents and support teams. These people are active members of the community, everyday meeting and engaging in the life of the communities they are apart of from Kaitaia to the Bluff. Think of the last time you drove through provincial NZ and reflect on the fact that every high street will likely as not have at least one real estate office.

This engagement with local communities extends beyond the employment; for almost all real estate companies in one way or another are huge supporters of voluntary community organisations and charities.

Child Cancer Foundation - HomeThis was brought home to my last night when I was invited to attend the Professionals Group Company dinner. The event which brought together the business owners from across the 78 offices provided an opportunity for their chosen charity – The Child Cancer Foundation to provide an update on the great work that organisation undertakes to provide the families and patients coping with childhood cancer to live as normal a life as possible. They believes that no child or their family walking the childhood cancer journey should ever feel alone.

I, like all of the attendees of the dinner could not help, but be moved by the amazing work this charity does, but also the courage of the wonderful children who are battling something that should not be a part of a young persons life. To have a charity such as the Child Cancer Foundation is truly wonderful and to have an organisation like the Professionals Group commit such resources and dedication to running fund raising events as well as pledging a component of each transaction to the funding of this charity is indeed humbling. I can say with all honesty I was moved today to make a donation to show my appreciation and support.

I would also like to acknowledge the charitable support that other real estate companies within the industry provide – not by any means a comprehensive list and I apologise if I omit some, but hopefully it demonstrates the commitment of this industry that pours millions of dollars each year into charitable and community organisations.

Bayleys sponsor Guide dogs for the blind

Barfoot &Thompson are a supporter of the Starship Foundation

Ray White support the Ronald McDonald House

Harcourts have a Foundation that supports community organisations

Harveys has a charitable trust – the Stepping Stone Foundation

LJ Hooker has a Foundation that supports both charitable and community projects

Article Discussion

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  2. kiri says:

    As someone who has had need of the resources of both the Starship Foundation and the Child Cancer Foundation over the last year, I’m grateful for the support the real estate industry provides these two causes. And as someone who works in real estate, it makes me proud of the industry too.
    In particular the holiday homes provided by The Professionals for the use of families dealing with childhood cancer are a fantastic initiative, giving families a much needed mental break from the grind and stress of treatment. And Barfoot & Thompson’s ongoing support as a Five Star Sponsor of the Starship Foundation makes so much possible.
    We also met lots of families grateful for the people that make Ronald McDonald House just a wee bit like home.
    Thanks to all those in the industry who recognise that the value of the $ they donate are actually of immeasurable value to those they help.

  3. Alistair Helm says:


    Thanks for the comment and for the internal perspective – there are so many people giving so much to help others, it is good to do a little bit to help by shining a light on some of these excellent initiatives.

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