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Property searching on the iPhone surpasses 20,000 users

Posted on: March 21st, 2011 | Filed in Technology, Website news

Real estate search on the iPhone - NZIn the space of just 120 days the iPhone app has been downloaded by over 20,000 people.

As every day passes that number keep growing at around 140 per day. The app has already become a much talked about means by which house hunters can quickly and easily find properties for sale right nearby to where they are.

Users are telling us how much they love the way they can be sitting in a cafe having a quiet coffee with friends when the inspiration grabs them to see what open homes are within a couple of streets of where they are sitting. This feedback mirrors the statistics of usership which is telling us that the most active time for use is Saturday and Sunday mornings!

Over the past 3 months just under 5 million property page views have been served up on this mobile app which means that the traffic on the iPhone amounts to over 11% of all the traffic on the website. These stats are very much the same as have been reported by specialist real estate websites in UK, USA and Australia with whom we keep in close contact to discuss emerging technologies and developments for real estate online.

The other great feature that people love about the application is the Inspection feature.

This virtual notebook allows you to make notes as well as rate and photograph parts of a house you are inspecting. It goes as far as providing tips per room of the house as to things to look for when you are in different parts of the house.

iphone for real estate search in NZ - inspection notes and tips

Don’t forget that the app for the iPhone is free to download from the iTunes app store – it features the most comprehensive selection of property for sale by licensed real estate agents in NZ including all types of property as well as building sections for sale.

Article Discussion

  1. Ross Brader says:

    Have noticed quite a few people using the app at open homes.

    Also had a few saying there were properties they had driven past that had for sale signs but did not show up in the app and I pointed out this is because the address was probably not published on the website.

    Just shows how important it is to allow the address of your property to be published on if you want your home to show up on the iphone real estate app.

  2. Ross

    Thanks for the direct feedback. I am even more bullish now about the role of mobile / location-aware marketing for this industry.

    Based on the c.200,000 iPhones in NZ, that means we have a penetration of c.10% after 120 days. I can see with the greater marketing this year on Android that by year end we could see c. 400,000 Android smart phones with an extra 100,000 iPhone say, that means that close to 750,000 smart phones by year end.

    We will be bringing out an Android app in this year and therefore I could see a collective penetration across both Android and iPhone reaching say 60,000 by year end – that is a powerful installed base of property buyers, especially when you consider that in 2010 only 55,000 properties sold in NZ.

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