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Principles of reciprocity in social media

Posted on: November 6th, 2009 | Filed in Agent Tips, Online marketing

Woman pointingI have been writing this Unconditional blog now for exactly 2 years – I remember a sense of excitement, fear and opportunity in those first few weeks – what to write and then of course would anyone read it?

Two years later I am still writing and still enjoying writing the posts I write and the conversations that commence from a blog post. The content of this blog now comprises 303 individual posts with 2,203 comments posted by contributors. The blog is read by an average of around 700 unique visitors per day. I certainly hope the content is interesting and valuable.

At the outset, one of the objectives I wanted to achieve with this blog was the encouragement of others in this industry to try this new social media and hopefully adopt the opportunity this new media of communication brings to in some way open up and create a greater sense of transparency in this industry.

The word I have often used in the presentations I regularly undertake around the country to groups of real estate professionals is “reciprocity” – the sense of opening up and sharing knowledge. In so doing gaining respect for being open and through that building reputation and in the long term valuable business relationships. I am pleased that to some in this industry those words in the presentations have rung true as they have started up their own blogs many of which are hosted on the Voices platform and now number over 100 active blogs.

In describing the value of the time spent blogging (as I see it more as having a conversation) I have used many descriptors, however today I came across a great one whilst reading the latest book by Chris Anderson (the author of “The Long Tail“) – his new book is simply called Free. In it he talks about the new economies which the web has created and especially the economies of attention and reputation which are key motivators of social media. He very simply, yet so effectively describes the value of blogging and the link economy:

Today when you link to someone on your blog, you are effectively granting them some of your own reputation. In a sense, you are saying to your own audience: “Leave me. Go to this other place. I think you’ll like it, and if you do, perhaps you’ll think more of me for having recommended it. And if you think more of me, perhaps you’ll come back to my site more often.

Article Discussion

  1. Mike Andrew says:

    Social media is sharing and engagement. Blogging by real estate agents is about adding the personal touch to their marketing efforts and yet, I find it frustrating that the majority of the real estate industry has to be pulled screaming and yelling into using new technology and marketing concepts such as blogs. The fact that Google loves blogs and indexes the content very fast is another reason why the industry should be using this medium far more aggressively than it does. Social media is also about brand building for the future, make sure your business is where the consumers are, don’t make the mistake of becoming irrelevant to your customer. Great article

  2. Mike

    Thanks for those comments – it is a shame that the adoption of social media by this industry is so small – at least there are some and their numbers are growing. As ever the successful ones will flourish and encourage others to emulate their success.

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