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Posted on: November 11th, 2007 | Filed in Website news

Welcome to “Unconditional” – the impartial voice of the real estate industry. The intent in launching this blog is to provide the New Zealand marketplace with a platform for the presentation and discussion of topics that relate to real estate, hosted on the site that most New Zealander’s go to when looking for any kind of real estate.

The intention is to provide a regular flow through this blog of topical, informative and relevant comments and stories related to this industry that hopefully will inform and provoke debate and comment – naturally for a blog to be valuable and successful requires interaction.

s equally important as what the blog is – is what it is not. It is not a Q &A environment (that will come shortly) – although feedback is vital; it is not a soap box for any political or vested interest party; it is not an advertising medium for any product or service.

As a point of clarification at this stage I would like to make a point clear. is an industry owned real estate website – that is to say the ownership is made up of real estate companies and the Real Estate Institute (REINZ) – the industry body that represents the members of this industry. This website is a commercial business and acts independently of the REINZ. This blog is not the expressed opinions of the Institute, it is important for it to act, and be seen to act independently, so as to provide a valuable community for New Zealanders who are interested (actively or passively) in real estate.

This blog is written by me as the CEO of Ltd with the assistance of a small team. At times in the future others may contribute articles to this blog where it is felt that their opinions and views will be of value to the community.

As a final point, one that needs to be made – in engaging with the blog please respect the views of others – this blog can only exist as a valuable service if people respect basic etiquette. Postings in the form of comments that make irrelevant or disrespectful references will be removed. Let’s establish some value through a common sense approach, and let’s enjoy the interaction.

Alistair Helm

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