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Mobile is significantly changing the process of finding property

Posted on: June 25th, 2012 | Filed in mobile

The mobile revolution is in so many ways redefining the way we go about so many aspects of our lives. For the property market it is literally turning the process of finding your next home on its head.

I was sent an example of a property over the weekend where the level of viewing on the mobile app was significantly higher than for most properties, as can be seen from the chart below.

On most days in the past month over 1 in 4 of all views were from the mobile app (green colour at the top of each daily bar), as compared to maybe 1 in 10 of all views from a mobile for most properties on the market. This certainly reinforced to me the power of the mobile device as a discovery tool for property around you.

The drive to make this assertion is based on the fact that this property was listed over 6 weeks ago and on the web the property appears around the middle of page 2 of the search results – it is actually the 31st listings in sequence of properties in Frankton, Hamilton. This position in the search results usually leads to lower daily traffic as searching tends to be to the first page of search results and to recent listings, however as can be seen there was more viewing in the last 7 days on the mobile than on the web – why?

Very simply, the app is all about discovering property for sale around you and this property was obviously viewed by people in the neighbourhood looking for property to buy. That is why I say that the mobile app is turning property searching on its head. Whereas the web (much like the old newspaper classifieds) was all about top of page results, the mobile environment is all about context – what’s relevant to where I am right now.

As a point of note and to further validate this assertion I had a look at a couple of other similar properties on the market in the same suburb, the stats for their viewings are shown below:

Certainly looks like there are some very active users of the app seeking property to buy in the Frankton area of Hamilton at the moment – they can be easily seen walking the streets, smartphone in hand highly attentive to NZ’s favourite property app!


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