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Looking to buy or sell a business?

Posted on: March 2nd, 2008 | Filed in Businesses for Sale

Whilst the majority of content on this website is related to the traditional perception of real estate and real estate agents – namely residential or commercial property for sale or rent, there is a section covering the buying and selling of businesses.

Real estate agents acting in this market (preferring to call themselves Business Brokers) may be few in number and are certainly less conspicuous than the stereotypical high street residential salesperson. However they are frenetic networkers and facilitators, building long terms relationships with investors, the self employed, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Indications point to a significant rise in the number of businesses being sold over the next 5 years as baby boomers seek to realise the value in the estimated 300,000 businesses that are owned by this group of the population. Estimates have indicated that as much as 40% of these businesses may come onto the market during this period.

The prospective buyers of these businesses whether New Zealanders or from overseas are likely to be from within the generation for whom the internet is a natural part of life, where searching for a business to own or invest in, is no different from searching for a cheap flight or that perfect weekend getaway. These investors turn to the net and seek out the easiest way to review prospective options, because as the saying goes they are “time poor and hopefully cash rich”!

I have no experience in this area, but am pleased that some of the NZ Business Brokers are stepping into the online space and providing a rich and valuable service. I came one across recently – Sharon James.Sharon James Business Broker NZ

Sharon has her own blog suitably called Business Broker, and on it she has recently written some great posts on Why use a Business Broker? Buying a Business, Selling a Business, 12 questions to ask a Business Broker and What does a Business Broker do ?

So if you have an inclination to run a motel or buy a video business (52) or want a heavy engineering company (31) then get in touch with a Business Broker – they will not only be keen to help you realise your dream but offer some honest sound advice.

Article Discussion

  1. Sharon James says:

    New Zealand continues to grow in popularity, especially with individuals wanting to make life changes by immigrating to a country that is still considered “safe” among the many other attributes New Zealand has.

    Buying a business can be a particularly attractive way for an overseas buyer to gain entry to New Zealand, using either the Long Term Business Visa or Investor Visa categories. It follows that these buyers will be taking full advantage of the net in their search for a suitable business as well as information on immigration, New Zealand lifestyle, and real estate. Most initial contact with these buyers is now through email and once qualified suitable businesses can be sourced on their behalf.

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