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Kiwi ingenuity to the fore! – world’s first cool drawer!

Posted on: April 8th, 2008 | Filed in Home features

That’s a bit of a corny headline I know – but I think given the tone of some of the discussions of late regarding the state of the NZ property market and the NZIER report today on the business and economic sentiment we need a shot in the arm!Fisher & Paykel - Innovative Fridge Draw

Great kiwi ingenuity has done it again – the boys and girls at Fisher and Paykel have once again broken the kitchen appliance paradigm and 10 years after launching the world’s first Dishdrawer we now have the world’s first fridge / freezer that can be fitted into a standard kitchen draw – the Cooldrawer. How incredibly sensible and simple is that! – you can as the article says have different drawers around the kitchen set at different temperatures to handle your frozen meats and dinners, your salads and fruits and of course the classic beer fridge.

Best of all is the fact that the one drawer unit can morph at the click of a switch from fridge to freezer so if you have the need to pack up the beer fridge you can convert one Cooldrawer to super chill mode – super fast suitably chilled the bottles, before turning back the nob to a more moderate chill level.

Another smart energy saving element not highlighted in the article that just came to me is the fact that as it is a drawer when you open it, the cold air cannot “fall out” as happens with conventional upright fridge / freezers, thereby doing your bit for the environment.

So I say congrats to the R&D team at F&P as they rightly claim “70 years of innovation” – just a pity that having read all of this great news when you go to the F&P NZ website I can’t find out a single fact about this great new product!!

Article Discussion

  1. Ross says:

    Bugger! Have just redone our kitchen – one of those would have been awesome!

  2. Ross says:

    Let’s hope we don’t lose F&P to an offshore raider:
    A 31 per cent fall in the shares of household appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel Appliances Ltd so far this year could make it a takeover target, according to a brokers’ report. Read all about it here

  3. Ross

    Lets keep a level perspective here, just as with the Auckland airport to have a take-over of F&P would not be the end – merely the beginning of a new phase of the company’s history. I think if you look at the company’s share register you would find an international perspective already today.

    NZ Inc needs to realise that our scale will always leave our companies vulnerable to acquisition, what we have to do – and what we do do is innovate and grow smart companies. The investment wealth from acquisition is the oxygen our country needs to keep growing new companies – look at Navman and what has come from that company’s investment by Brunswick -the technology smarts are still created here in NZ – manufacturing will always seek out lowest cost centers.

    F&P already manufacturers abroad so we are not vulnerable to that loss which occurs as a function of good management, not ownership.

  4. Col says:

    We heard rumours about the development of a domestic manufactured refrigerated drawer, when the Norcool Fridge Drawer was being shipped into Australia by a Perth based Company who specilise in Home Cool rooms. User manuals for the Cool Drawer can be now found on the Australian F & P site under the Izona label. However no energy rating or internal capacity or release date is given.

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