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Insulation subsidy to assist rental landlords .. and tenants!

Posted on: June 13th, 2008 | Filed in Green, Property Investing, Renting

With only 2 weeks of the winter behind us we know that there are going to be many cold days and nights ahead – depending upon which part of the country you live. Statistics keep telling us that kiwi houses are amongst the draftiest and least well insulated of any houses in the world and this brings with it significant health issues.

Add to this not only the looming threat of a power crisis (not a word apparently the government wants us to use!) and the spiralling costs of food and fuel and you can see why many people are going to be cold this winter.

Insulating rental property - government subsidies availableThis need not be the case as the government has schemes to encourage the insulation of pre-1978 houses that are being rented. Now there has to be a fair stock of these around the country and we can all image how cold and drafty they may well be.

The scheme run by The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority is offering landlords a subsidy of up to 55% on a full house retrofit of insulation and other energy efficiency measures for any of their rental properties occupied by low-income tenants. There are certain conditions and the work must be carried out by one of two organisations (Eco Insulation or EECN) dependent upon which part of the country you are in.

Insulating these houses has to be a must – good for the tenant, good for the environment and good for the property value.

Update June 2009

Government announce grants of up to $1,800 to insulate NZ Homes – Warm up New Zealand .. Heat smart

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  1. denise says:

    talking of green – I just sold through green door in nelson and they were marvellous – what’s more, we can now use the money we saved by selling through them to make our new home as ‘green’ and eco-friendly as possible. Why aren’t they on your site?

  2. Denise

    That is a wonderfully tenuous link! – however delighted to answer the question. website is a marketing showcase for the listings of licensed real estate agents in NZ. Green Door is not a licensed agent. We are an industry owned site and as such our customers and shareholder being licensed agents believe the content should be restricted to their listings only.

    Thanks for the enquiry.

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