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HouGarden – a few frequently asked questions.

Posted on: August 24th, 2015 | Filed in Agent Tips

Is HouGarden owned by is not owned by It is independent of any real estate agency or organisation, providing a level playing field for vendors and agents who are seeking to reach Chinese purchasers.

What is the business relationship between and HouGarden? was founded in 2011 by Sam Yin. Since then has kept a close business relationship with in a joint venture arrangement. HouGarden pulls all listings directly from and translates them for the Chinese buyer market.

How does HouGarden get my listings on to their site? has an agreement with for all the listings on their site to automatically feed into via an API system. translates the key information in the listing into Chinese, such as numbers of bedrooms/bathrooms, floor and land area, etc. but the rest remains in English, such as the listing subject and listing description. provides agents with opportunities to have their listings highlighted on the site by paying a fee and receiving a ‘Featured’ or ‘Showcase’ listing – very similar to that on, as well as additional opportunities for agents to promote their listing and even themselves.


What listings get updated to HouGarden and how often? has sections for residential, commercial, rental, rural and business for sale. All the listings that appear on will automatically feed into It takes no longer than 12 hours to get the listings live on HouGarden.


If I buy a premium listing on does it automatically upgrade on has its own premium listings products, and a premium listing on is not ungraded when it appears on


What do I get if I upgrade my listing on HouGarden?

It depends on how much you’d like to spend. Agency discount packages start from just $99 Inc. GST for a three week marketing campaign, and continue from there. A ‘Plus Package’, which includes a three week feature listing (stays at top of the page and larger size) plus a three week showcase (inclusion in carousel at the very top of the page) for just $249 Inc. GST. There are packages for commercial listings, new projects, special photography, video, WeChat (Chinese Facebook) and more – all designed to help you market your property most effectively.

Who do I contact at HouGarden for –

If I would like a representative from HouGarden to come and visit my office, upgrading a listing, update my agent profile, enquire about a listing that is not displaying correctly, take banner advertising on the site or finding user stats about HouGarden?

Contact the HouGarden office administrator, Lizzie, on 09 479 8978 and she will pass the requests onto the responsible person or deal with it herself.


Where do I find the latest HouGarden flyers?

Please download from here

What is the difference between HouGarden and other Chinese listing sites?

HouGarden is the only Chinese site focusing on New Zealand, and since it has all the listings it is by far the most comprehensive real estate portal for Chinese people looking for property in New Zealand. For those Chinese wanting to buy New Zealand property while still living overseas, and for those Chinese people living here, it is by far the best opportunity to view New Zealand properties.

For vendors and agents who want to target the Chinese market, HouGarden is unmatched in its viewership, especially from Chinese in New Zealand who currently make up around 36-40,000 visitors per month coming back to the site more than once. On HouGarden, these NZ-based Chinese and China-based Chinese spend on average 21 minutes and view 18 pages per visit – they are hunting property.

When you upgrade you listing on HouGarden it is manually translated by our team into Mandarin. This means there is no translation errors and the listing read professionally to Chinese buyers.

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