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Google maps add terrain details to enhance property mapping on the website

Posted on: June 20th, 2008 | Filed in Online marketing, Website news

One day in the near future – in theory at least, you will be able to do a virtual fly around a property that you are interested in buying – all aided with the benefits of tiny helicopter. This will show you all of the property and the surrounding properties and landscapes! However until that time comes we must press on with what is becoming an every richer portfolio of information helping to provide context to property listings on the website.

As has been detailed recently we provide rich Open2view photographic portfolios on properties which include dynamic floor plans and virtual tours. We also have added embedded videos – all of these enhancements are designed to enable you to gain a greater understanding of properties from the comfort of your armchair.

Thanks to the technical competency of Google and their mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, we are now able to provide you richer mapping information on every property on the website for which we have an address provided by the listings agent. (As an aside we only show maps for properties for which the agent marketing the property has told us we have the right to display the address. If your property is not shown with a map it is necessary for you to instruct the agent to notify us to show the address – from our research maps are a highly valued aspect of a listing for a property for sale).

This new information is topography – terrain information provided by Google – maps with the contour lines showing you clearly the hills, mountains and valleys of the area around the property. So now for every property with a map you can see the satellite image, the 2 dimensional road map and now the terrain perspective – all adding up to a more complete perspective on a property as this beautiful property of a winter wonderland just north of Queenstown in the valley looking towards the Coronet Peak snow field clearly shows. The difference in having a terrain map is invaluable in enabling a more complete picture of the landscape surrounding the property.

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