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First National offers home presentation audit

Posted on: May 23rd, 2008 | Filed in Agent Tips, Buying / Selling a home

First National home presentation offerWith close to 90,000 properties for sale at this time and sales languishing at an expected level of 75,000 for the year both real estate agents and sellers clearly need to look to innovative ideas to get the market moving.

First National have launched what they see as an offer of sound advice to help sellers optimise the presentation of their property – a free assessment to evaluate how best the property could be presented to attract buyers. Probably focusing on the elements, some of which were shared in the blog posts “Thinking of putting your house on the market – don’t be afraid of being a tall poppy!” and “The 3 P’s for selling your property” of a few weeks ago.

Their free home inspection and evaluation is they say, based on research last year showing that 82% of vendors did not receive any kind of presentation help from their real estate agent. As a sweetener First National are offering 25 Fly Buys points just for taking this free offer, and crossing your threshold, just for the months of May and June!

The market is soft and real estate agents need sales to maintain their income, this offer certainly offers them the opportunity to generate new leads, although the last thing that most agents want today is new listings; there is a well known truism that a seller is more than likely to be a buyer so this can fulfil that requirement to find buyers pretty effectively. For the seller the chance to be able to make that house really stand out has to be worth the effort, but at the end of the day the question will still come down to price and if the seller is prepared to meet the market.

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