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Classic case study in online property marketing

Posted on: July 20th, 2012 | Filed in Featured, Online marketing

It is very rare to be able to directly compare two properties in terms of marketing. As we all know every house is unique and every marketplace unique as the property market changes day-to-day as the pool of buyers and sellers is so small, the transactions so lengthy and the buying motivations so diverse.

Yet once in a while we see a unique set of circumstances that allow us to compare true online marketing in what is almost a laboratory-like environment.

Today there are 2 properties on the market in Auckland. They are brand new, having been built by a builder / developer. They are identical in almost every respect. They are physically next to each other. They were listed on the same day and are being marketed by the same agent and they are certainly attracting a lot of interest.

Now in terms of marketing this is where we see the real laboratory situation – these 2 houses are being marketed entirely online – not a single drop of press advertising. What is even more interesting is that one is being promoted heavily using the 3 week Premium Property campaign – the other is a standard listing, with no upgrade advertising.

To be clear the upgrade campaign which costs $400 (inc GST) consists of a Feature Listing which provides top-of-search-result priority, 3 weeks of Showcase advertising which sees it promoted at the top of all search result pages for the suburb, surrounding suburbs and the Auckland region search as well as appearing on the home page. Additionally there are 2 Refreshes, these function as a top up – taking the listing back to the top of the search results and profiing the property again to prospective buyers through the daily email alerts. A very comprehensive campaign that is working hard to attract interest every day for 3 weeks to a global and local audience.

The proof in terms of return on this investment is in the numbers. The fact is online advertising lives or dies by the data – it is accountable and transparent and at we are overly transparent. Every listing on the site displays the daily traffic to that listing on the web and now on mobile.

So what about those results – they are impressive!

The “base line” property has received 383 views in 16 days (as at 20th July). The agent tells me that they have already had a strong and credible level of email enquiries – more than satisfactory considering the online only campaign.

The upgraded property with the Premium advertising package has received over 1,942 views in 16 days (as at 20th July) – a 400% increase. The response level of email enquiries is twice that of the base line property. Vindication that online is now the core component of real estate marketing and reinforcing the view that premium property advertising is truly effective – the data is there to see.

Premium property advertising on can be booked through the listing agent of your property – talk to them about this very cost effective solution – a 3 week campaign costs $400 or less dependent on the scale of the campaign, also individual products as part of the package can be booked individually from just $59 (inc GST).


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