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Changing focus of enquiries to property listings

Posted on: April 29th, 2011 | Filed in Agent Tips, Website searching

The web is a vast repository of data. The key is making sense of it and providing that information to those who rely upon it to run their business. In the case of real estate our role at is to not only run a popular and comprehensive website for real estate listings to support the advertising needs of our customers – real estate agents, but also to share key data of the behaviours and trends we see in the use of the website.

A key outcome of great value to real estate agents is leads – strong prospects made up of both vendors and buyers. Such leads can come from a variety of connections from the website. The most eagerly anticipated lead is from an email sent from the website to an agent regarding a property. Second only to this is a phone call originated from the contact details of the listing agent displayed adjacent to the listing.

These would generally be regarded as the most significant lead generation mechanisms from the website, however there are others. Each listing generally has a link from the webpage of the listing on to that listing on the agent or office website. Additionally each agent and office has their own webpage on the site which has links to their own website or social media platform; again providing an opportunity for enquires to be made by clients to agents. Many of such leads may result in the opportunity for agents to make listing presentations as prospective vendors use to profile agents. This profiling allows a vendor to establish the professional capabilities by reviewing the approach an agent takes to profiling, promoting and displaying a current clients’ listings.

One trend that has been noticeable and is demonstrated by the chart below is the extent to which is acting as a referral site to agents own websites.

In March of this year just under 400,000 instances of referral links were made from to agents and offices websites, this is up significantly on the 317,000 in March of last year.

This trend of increasing referral to real estate company and agent websites potentially points to greater researching on the part of serious property buyers, seeking comprehensive facts regarding properties and agents. This trend is only likely to continue in the future with the growing focus of buyers and sellers to online searching.

It is interesting to note that this trend could be a factor behind a recent number of comments made by real estate agents that lead generation from their own website has been growing – this could well be the result of serious enquiries originated from and then referred onto their website. A core principle of since the start of the company back in 2006 has been to provide as comprehensive and easy access for consumers to communicate with agents using whatever medium they choose – this now appears to be more through referral links than any other form.

Article Discussion

  1. JohnB says: provides comprehensive search facilities and progressing to agents sites is often to find more information, but too many times the agents site has no further information. Agents need to ensure they have control over their presentation to ensure they give the buyers the best possible level of information.

    Currently we are selling through an agent and it was very disappointing to discover that the agents cannot control their office staff, maybe due to bulk buying, but they are unable to ensure that the “Open home” flag feature of is used for their listings. ???

    Agencies still have a long way to go to take full advantage of the web.

  2. Although we receive many emails ex the site we have noticed that more and more emails are coming directly from our own office website at than from anywhere else. Much of this results from referred traffic from other sites with our site becoming the final destination where the buyer ultimately clicks through for more information or to set up a viewing appointment.

    Also noticed that a great deal of activity at our site originates from a google search for suburbs we deal with and referall from our blog at

    The main things buyers request after coming through to our site are copies of the LIM, Title, Valuation or Building report.

    Where we have this information available we do post it with each listing, for example this Grey Lynn home at which has a link to the title and the council rates and valuation page. We have also just obtained a Registered Valuation and a link to that will also be added today.

    So in our case there is usually further information available at our own site, however I would agree with John that usually there is nothing more available when clicking through to the listing on the agencies own website.

    In some respects it is surprising that agencies bother with their own sites and I suspect that at some future point and a couple of other websites that display a large selection of properties will become the only place buyers look.

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  4. Matthew says:

    interestingly on the old website all links to agency owned websites used the “nofollow” attribute in the link. I’m glad to see this has been removed in the new site. I wonder if this has boosted some agency websites up the rankings.


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