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CEO’s who Tweet

Posted on: February 17th, 2011 | Filed in Featured, social media

I was recently invited to speak at the Auckland Social Media Club monthly gathering on the subject of Twitter.

Twitter is something that I have grown accustomed to, closely bordering on addicted to over the past 2 years. I see it as a valuable business tool and this is the approach I took in sharing my 15 minutes of thoughts about Twitter and how I use it to enhance our brand, engage with our consumers and customers and establish our position of thought leadership in the real estate market.

The assembled audience were fortunate to not simply hear my perspective on the subject of CEO’s who tweet, but were also able top hear from Chris Quin, the CEO of Gen-i who hosted the evening in the fantastic new Telecom Head Office in Auckland.

I think on reflection of viewing the 2 presentations we complement each other pretty well. We share somewhat different perspectives and insights. There was some challenging discussion and debate after the presentations on the night. Should any further questions or discussions flow from watching these videos I will very happily engage on this blog to answer such questions or challenges.

I am conscious that the video does not capture the slides I used to support my presentation so here they are:

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