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Specialised real estate search – Farms / Business / Commercial

Posted on: July 21st, 2011 | Filed in Businesses for Sale, Commercial, Featured, Online marketing, social media

Real estate as an industry is a large and diverse business employing over 15,000 people and transacting over 60,000 residential properties per year. As well as the residential sector the industry undertakes extensive activity in the transaction of commercial properties for lease or as investment, the negotiation of business sales and also the transaction of farms and other agricultural businesses.

Such diversity and specialization requires a different approach to web marketing, than a simple one-size-fits-all solution. That is why last year took the decision to establish separate websites for each specialist category of the industry. These websites – the farming site of nzFarms, the business broking site of Prime Business and the commercial property site of Prime Commercial have ably and professionally represented the interests of the specialist agents in each category and their respective clients.

These websites have just gone through a major redesign – a design which reflects the successful re-design of the main website which was released in May. provides the most comprehensive selection of listings by licensed rural agents for all types of farms and agricultural businesses as well as lifestyle properties around NZ.

The site currently displays 4,621 farms and agricultural business, with a further 11,807 lifestyle properties and lifestyle sections.

There are 9 categories of farms covering dairy farms, specialist livestock farms, grazing land, bare land, horticulture and viticulture as well as forestry.


Prime Commercial provides the most comprehensive selection of listings from licensed commercial real estate agents for all types of commercial property around NZ. The selection includes both property for sale as well as for lease.

The site currently displays 7,663 commercial properties and land for sale, with 18,613 commercial premises for lease.

There are 4 property types for leasehold premises covering office leased space, retail premises, industrial premises as well as hotels and motels for lease. The selection of properties and land for investment covers office buildings, retail property, commercial land and well as industrial land and buildings.


Prime Business provides the most comprehensive selection of listings from licensed business brokers for all types of businesses for sale across the whole of NZ.

The site currently displays 4,033 listings of businesses for sale from over 1,500 licensed agents providing services to business owners looking to sell and investors and business managers looking to take that first step on the ladder to owning their own business.

There are 12 specialist categories of businesses to search for on the site, from retail businesses to tourism, from age care facilities to hotels, motels and lodges. Whatever the type of business from just $5,000 to over $16 million!


The re-design of these sites is however not just cosmetic. We have added features and enhanced the presentation to make these sites even more effective as a business tool to these key audience groups.

More extensive search filters

There’s a property finder tool bar now located at the top of every page, which allows you to define your criteria. The selection is targeted to recognise the unique and specific types that exist within the farming sector, the business sector and the commercial sector. We’ve also extended the price range options and the ability to select surrounding suburbs by ticking a box.

Advanced search

This is an enhanced capability found on the Prime Commercial and nzFarms sites. Whilst it has always been a part of these sites it has now been upgraded to include much more advanced search criteria. You can now select multiple districts and regions. For example, searching for within the Canterbury region for Ashburton district, as well as Waikato region for the Matamata district, together in one search.

Other very useful new advanced search options are the ability to type in an exact price range (i.e. $740,900) and search by pricing method (i.e. Auction, Display price, etc.), as well as search by properties with a displayed address.

Larger images

The new sites display larger property photos on both search results and listing page. You can also view the properties in a full screen overlay, which shows off the listings to the maximum. You may notice that some listings have very different image sizes to others. We are constantly working with our customers to secure from them the largest available image which we process to give you the biggest and best impression of the farm, commercial premises or business you are interested in.

List view or gallery view

In addition to the standard list view of search results we also now provide a gallery view, which presents property purely by first image. You will also notice that all listings now have the ability to view all the photos from within the search results, making for a far more efficient process for browsing the property or business on the market.

Social share your listing

Located on the listing page, there is now the option of socially sharing your listing on Twitter, Facebook and Google+1. This feature enables any user to these websites to recommend a property to their peers and the rest of the world.

We plan on adding more enhancements throughout this year and next to these websites and will keep you updated. We hope you are as excited about these new redesigned websites as we are!






Vineyards for sale – a perspective of the market of the past few years

Posted on: August 17th, 2010 | Filed in Businesses for Sale, Featured

iStock_000011873443SmallThe NZ wine industry is worth around $1 billion a year in exports, a staggering increase from just $168 million at the start of the decade. There are around 643 wineries across the country and this total has witnessed a significant increase over the decade from just 358. These statistics are part of a very detailed annual report produced by the NZ Winegrowers .

Whilst it is recognised that there is not a perfect correlation between vineyards and wineries, the data we collect from the website of can provide an insight into this important industry from the perspective of when and how vineyards are marketed for sale. The website provides a detailed analysis of activity across the breadth of the real estate market going back to the beginning of 2007.

Within this expansive phase of the last decade there has been a steady stream of transactions as vineyards have been bought and sold. In the past three and a half years some 305 vineyards have been advertised for sale on the website of under the Farms section and now on the specialist website of .

At this time there are 76 vineyards on the market. Not the highest level over the period as can been seen from the chart below but higher than inventory during 2007, when economic conditions were more favourable and business finance somewhat easier to hand.

Vineyards listed and on the market in NZ 2007 to 2010

Vineyards tend not to sell that quickly and that is why the average time on the website has been just under 9 months across all of these listings over this period.

In terms of where these vineyards are located the majority have come onto the market in the Marlborough region (44%) followed by Hawkes Bay (19%), Central Otago (17%) region. The chart below contrasts this regional listing focus to the reported 2009 data of regional location of wineries.


In terms of listed prices – ranking all of the listed vineyards from most expensive sees all of the Top 10 feature Marlborough vineyards ranging in price from $10m to $30m. Fully 70% of all the vineyards marketed over the past 3 and a half years have been priced at over $1m. Currently the most expensive vineyard on the web is this 71ha winery and vineyard operation in the Blenheim areas with just over 54ha of planted vines, together with a purpose built winery. The price $18m.


Buying and selling a business – the facts regarding websites

Posted on: September 17th, 2008 | Filed in Businesses for Sale

Business brokers are a specialised segment of the real estate industry – their skills in facilitating the sale and purchase of operational companies is in some ways far removed from the operation of a residential real estate agent. However their primary need is still driven by the need to market their listings to as wide an audience as possible. Just as in residential property marketing, the web has fast taken over the mantle of the most valuable resource for marketing businesses for sale. In some ways the web is even better suited to the service as preliminary evaluation of business investments is ordinarily based on data – operational or financial.

As ever the key to smart investing in business, just as with property is good information and allied to that, and more so in the case of buying a business is a sound business advisor – that is the role provided for by a licensed business broker. Business brokers provide a service for the seller of a business together with assistance for a prospective buyer with the fee for service largely being paid by the seller. I would recommend further reading on this subject, a valuable source of such information and advice can be had from a skilled business broker such as Sharon James who has already made a name for herself and justifiably earned a great reputation through her Business Broker blog.

When it comes to online marketing it is important to work with a business broker to select the right medium for featuring. It may surprise you to learn that currently features over 3,500 listings of businesses for sale – covering a diverse spectrum of tourism and accommodation, manufacturing, food service, as well as franchise services and the odd timber mill

Naturally as a function of the support from across the real estate industry for the website, is the most comprehensive source of information regarding businesses for sale, having nearly twice the listings of its nearest competitor NZbizbuysell. The competing media owned websites of Trade Me and realcommercial (sister site of allrealestate) whilst providing a platform for such listings capture nowhere near as broad a selection of businesses for sale.

As can be envisaged the segment of the population that are looking to invest in a business at any one time is small, however despite that the level of interest still amounts to an average of over 12,000 unique visitors per month to these business listings on across the year to date. The researching on the site by prospective investors is also reflective of the serous intent of buyers with a collective 120,000 plus minutes of sessions per month on average.

Statistics from February of this year show that NZ has 463,000 businesses many of which, in fact the vast majority are small businesses. The profile of many of these businesses is of a “baby boomer” generation founder / owner / manager. The key question which has been broached in other articles of the past year or two is the implication of many of these businesses looking for a new owner-manager in the next decade as many of the current owner-managers seek a step down to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labour. This could be the right time to seek out that new business opportunity.


Looking to buy or sell a business?

Posted on: March 2nd, 2008 | Filed in Businesses for Sale

Whilst the majority of content on this website is related to the traditional perception of real estate and real estate agents – namely residential or commercial property for sale or rent, there is a section covering the buying and selling of businesses.

Real estate agents acting in this market (preferring to call themselves Business Brokers) may be few in number and are certainly less conspicuous than the stereotypical high street residential salesperson. However they are frenetic networkers and facilitators, building long terms relationships with investors, the self employed, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Indications point to a significant rise in the number of businesses being sold over the next 5 years as baby boomers seek to realise the value in the estimated 300,000 businesses that are owned by this group of the population. Estimates have indicated that as much as 40% of these businesses may come onto the market during this period.

The prospective buyers of these businesses whether New Zealanders or from overseas are likely to be from within the generation for whom the internet is a natural part of life, where searching for a business to own or invest in, is no different from searching for a cheap flight or that perfect weekend getaway. These investors turn to the net and seek out the easiest way to review prospective options, because as the saying goes they are “time poor and hopefully cash rich”!

I have no experience in this area, but am pleased that some of the NZ Business Brokers are stepping into the online space and providing a rich and valuable service. I came one across recently – Sharon James.Sharon James Business Broker NZ

Sharon has her own blog suitably called Business Broker, and on it she has recently written some great posts on Why use a Business Broker? Buying a Business, Selling a Business, 12 questions to ask a Business Broker and What does a Business Broker do ?

So if you have an inclination to run a motel or buy a video business (52) or want a heavy engineering company (31) then get in touch with a Business Broker – they will not only be keen to help you realise your dream but offer some honest sound advice.