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Australian real estate now complete with Google Street View

Posted on: August 28th, 2008 | Filed in International, Technology, Website searching

Domain – the Fairfax owned real estate portal in Australia is the first of the Australian real estate websites to launch the Google Street View application within their site. The plans are in place for the NZ launch later this year, we are assured by Google. In the meantime have a wander down some suburbs from across the Tasman and literally peer over the fence!

The degree of coverage is pretty extensive as can be seen from this map of Northern Sydney where the key blue line on streets indicates the coverage for Street View. Equally outside of the major cities Google has driven down most of the streets. I found this place called Richmond on the Flinders Highway some 300 kms inland from Townsville in Northern Queensland – admittedly no houses for sale but you can still see all the homes in the place of less than 150 homes.

So be ready for the exposure of all of NZ’s streets soon – naturally we will be ready to offer it as part of the presentation on

Article Discussion

  1. andy hamilton says:

    Hi Alistair, my you have had a busy week!

    On Monday you guys manage to place a story in the Herald under the title ‘Overseas buyers move in’:

    The article opens:
    ‘’International buyers are snatching up New Zealand property as the dollar drops, banks lower interest rates and the market reaches realistic prices.
    Alistair Helm of says the surge is encouraging for sellers and indicates an “interesting time” in the property market.
    Last year 22 per cent of’s browsers were from outside New Zealand. This figure crept up to 25 per cent around April and May this year and is now up to 27 per cent, Helm says.
    Most of the interested buyers are from Britain, Australia and the United States’’.

    The article then goes on – very little by way of hard data, usual non-verifiable agents tall stories, but the message is clear – buy now before some foreigner gets in before you.

    One can imagine Monday evening much back-slapping at REINZ/ headquarters – a job well done, that should help get the market going again.

    However, in response during the week the Green Party steps in and says things like “We believe land should be owned by New Zealand citizens and residents only and our laws should be changed to say that.’’

    Holy Moly! Pandemonium at the REINZ/ headquarters -the last thing agents need – not being able to plunder gullible foreign buyers!! Quick get something out in response!!!

    Result – today we get a report: Foreign invasion just a myth say real estate agents

    Your good self again makes an appearance, but this time you are singing a very different tune:

    ‘’The report makes it sound like New Zealand is for sale but it isn’t. Undoubtedly there is a number of overseas buyers looking, after all it’s the only way they can look at a property. Looking at real estate is escapist. That’s why we have so much traffic, people go online just to look sometimes, it’s not like a bank website where you have to use it.”

    I won’t say I am embarrassed on your behalf, but don’t you think you should change ‘The Unbiased Voice of the Industry’ tag before the Commerce Commission investigate for misleading advertising?

  2. Andy,

    I fear that you have far too vivid an imagination!

    The truth is sadly far less colourful. is a very small company and all PR is undertaken by me speaking to journalists. I do have an excellent PR person who is available when I need her. There are no group meetings and my contact with the Real Estate Institute is very infrequent, often less than once per month.

    The objective for me with all PR is to seek to build the awareness and credibility of the brand of as the most valuable website for real estate in NZ. In doing that I believe I can engage with a relevant audience of interested consumers who in turn enable the website to be of value to my paying customers who are the real estate offices.

    I have no motivation to “talk the market up ” or conversely talk it down – I just want to run the most successful website for real estate, in this situation I believe I am consistent with this blog’s positioning as the Impartial Voice of the Industry” – clearly I respect that some people may have a different opinion, that is the nature of free speech and this blog is exactly that.

  3. Hey Andy, you’re way off the mark telling Alistair that he’s biased and wanting to hype the market. I thought you were up with the play but now I have my doubts – perhaps you had a bad day! The opposite is true mate. The worse it all seems, the more sellers listen to the gloom. Lower prices equals more sales in this falling market. Yes medians are falling! Bring on the gloom I say, more sales, more sales! Alistair has no interest, as you say, in getting the market going again. The Market’s always great at the right price and neither you, me or he can change that.

  4. deon says:

    Well Said Steve, I second what your saying. The market is great when property is priced right. We all need to buy sell and move.Espessially in our transiant lifestyles where we are constantly moving about. So real Estate will live on.

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  6. dave says: in Australia has also added the street view application to individual listings.

    check out these listings for the full effect:

    No more sneaky powerlines!

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