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Auckland Property Report – April 2012

Posted on: May 2nd, 2012 | Filed in Featured, NZ Property Report, Regional News

This special regional property report on the Auckland market was published for a presentation given to the Auckland Property Investors Association. The format reflects the monthly national report but provides commentary and charts specifically to the Auckland region.

The April 2012 Auckland Property Report published by provides an insight into the state of the Auckland property market as measured by the supply side of the property market over the month of April. The key measures of the market analysed in the report are the number of new listings, the asking price expectation for those new listings and the level of inventory of unsold houses on the market at this time. The report is compiled from data captured by the website and represents close to 98% of all property movements in the Auckland market as managed by licensed real estate agents.


A full print version of the Auckland Property Report – April 2012 is published below and is available for download (1.2MB) and distribution.


Summary of the market – April 2012

The Auckland property market continues to drive ahead, even as the remainder of the country sees some re-balancing of the market. The market is firmly in the seller’s camp and this is evident by the pressure of constrained inventory which continues to hold at levels well below long term average and a year ago. In fact the levels are the lowest seen since the start of the property market slow-up in 2007.

Sales of property remain strong with the 2,806 properties sold in March across the region, this is up 18% as compared to the prior year, but was very slightly down from February on a seasonally adjusted basis by 1%. This level of demand has driven the asking price higher as sellers read the market signals and recongise the potential for a stronger selling price than a year ago.

The weakness of listings remains of concern, the 3,159 new properties coming onto the market in April were down 5% on a year ago and 14% down on February on a seasonally adjusted basis.

The next 3 month traditionally represent a quieter time for new listings as sellers feel the summer peak appeal period has passed, this is however not the case when it comes to demand from buyers who remain active through this winter period, the key will be if astute sellers recognize this and capitalize on what appears to be sustained demand to seek the best outcome for their property sale.


Asking Price

The seasonally adjusted truncated mean asking price for listings in April rose again to a new record level of $568,820 up 1.7% on the March level and up 2.5% from April last year. Auckland asking prices are second only to the Queenstown region which is nudging the $600,000 asking price mark at $595,766 in April.


New Listings

The level of new listings coming onto the market in April fell significantly with a total of 3,159. This represents a fall of 5% as compared to April last year. On a seasonally adjusted basis the April figure was down 14% from March.

On a 12 month moving average basis a total of 42,272 new listings have come onto the market since May 2011 as compared to 41,850 in the prior 12 month period, a slight increase of just 1%. This compares to sales up 22% on the same 12 month comparable basis



The level of unsold houses on the market at the end of April as measured on a seasonally adjusted basis at 10,941 was down 1% as compared to March. A year ago the inventory totaled 12,001.

As measured in weeks of equivalent sales the April level of 21.7 remained the same as March. The long term average for Auckland is 33 weeks and a year ago the level was 28 weeks.


Supplemental data


Property Sales

Property sales over the past 5 years in Auckland have gone through some significant shifts as the chart shows. There have been 2 periods with growth, and 2 periods of decline. Actual sales at this time (seasonally adjusted are at the highest level since the market suffered the significant decline between 2007 and 2008.  This current period of growth in sales started in October 2010 and represents a 76% increase from that time.


Sales Price

The Stratified mean sales price  (REINZ) for property in Auckland has gone through a sustained recovery over the past year and is now at a new high of $516,700. This represents a 1.3% increase from the prior high of July 2007. The chart very clearly reflects the impact of the price decline through the period of 2007 to 2009 resulting in a 14.6% adjustment in Auckland property prices.




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