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Americans’ interest in NZ property has catapulted in last two days

Posted on: November 9th, 2016 | Filed in Market News

“Americans may be weighing up their options as the US election comes to a conclusion, and there are clear indications they are increasingly looking at New Zealand as a viable option,” says CEO Brendon Skipper.

“Interest from US citizens in New Zealand homes for sale has catapulted in the last two days,” says Brendon. 

Real time statistics from (New Zealand’s biggest real estate listing website) show that traffic for 7 – 8 November 2016 from US citizens to the site was up 141 per cent compared to the same two days a year ago.

“The spike follows a month of increased activity in the lead up to the election,” says Brendon Skipper.

In the month leading into the election (Oct 9, 2016 – Nov 8, 2016), American based users are up 51.36 per cent compared to the same time last year

“On average, they are spending almost seven minutes on site, indicating they are having more than a casual glance.

Search terms suggests that they are looking at their options across the country, but perhaps with a skew towards Auckland.

Search terms include “homes for sale in New Zealand”, “houses for sale New Zealand” and “Auckland real estate.”

“It’s also a younger demographic which is looking to New Zealand, with almost half (44.2 per cent) in the 25 – 44 age bracket,” says Brendon Skipper.

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