Provinces coming into their own

Many of us have known for a long time how enjoyable living in the provinces can be. A few minutes pleasant commute to work, no traffic lights or parking meters (in Feilding), and a generally more relaxed pace of life. The people seem friendlier, and there are plenty of sporting, cultural  and community organisations to belong to at an affordable price. We certainly have good schools here too.

The biggest obstacle to growth for many Manawatu businesses is not being able to find good staff, so there are jobs here too for many, but not for everyone.

Housing is more affordable, but levels of value increase are actually higher in several of the provinces now than in the big cities. Every dog has his or her day! The rate of people leaving Auckland in particular is increasing, and now including younger as well as older residents. We are enjoying welcoming many new residents who have seen the light, to Feilding and the District. Here they enjoy a larger home and section at a far more affordable price. The more we grow, the more we spread the load in terms of costs such as rates, so it benefits everyone.


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