What is the future of Feilding?

Will it grow or will it decline? It has done both in the past, but mainly Feilding has grown, and it is growing well at present, leading the region.

Feilding isĀ four things, as a generalisation:

  1. An agri-business hub and rural servicing town.
  2. A country town alternative to living in Palmerston North.
  3. Home to more Ohakea Airbase personnel and their families than any other town or city.
  4. A really nice place to live, and raise a family.

The 4 main reasons are looking positive into the future.

Agri-business and farming will likely remain profitable.

Palmerston north is growing, with more jobs being established.

Ohakea Airbase is growing.

Feilding is being well planned and managed in order to remain a great place to live and raise a family.

The future looks bright. I expect Feilding to grow with a bright future.


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