Low number of houses for sale

Feilding has only a couple of dozen houses for sale at present. In my 40 years in the property business, this would be a record low. We often have in the region of 150 – 200 houses for sale across all agencies. I remember that at one time in a slow market, I had 300 houses for sale personally! The current situation is unusual and will change. We just don’t know when it will change. It has already changed in parts of New Zealand. 

What we do know is that it is the absolutely best time to sell right now. There are more buyers than houses for sale. Choose an Agent experienced at gaining the best price for you; not just a quick sale. Negotiating skill and the ability to have buyers competing fairly is what to look for in an Agent in this market. While auction isn’t for everyone, it does produce some outstanding results in this market where competition is virtually assured. When buyers are openly competing against each other, prices climb. 

Give me a call to discuss your property, the market, presentation, marketing, pricing, and a plan to get the best outcome for you.


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