What jobs to do before selling?

This is an important question for house sellers to ask before proceeding with work that may not provide a return. I have seen so many people over the years focus on the wrong work, and end up out of pocket, because they didn’t seek good advice from someone with knowledge and experience. I am happy to provide you with free no obligation advice regarding what jobs are worth doing, and what jobs are not worth doing.

I see that my job is about making my Clients money. I do this by maximising the marketing reach, by advising on presentation to maximise price, and by clever cost effective promotion. My 40 years of negotiation skills are at my Clients’ disposal, and my knowledge of property through being a non practising Registered valuer can add value to the transaction, and avoid pitfalls. Some may have a slightly lower commission rate, but I recommend that Sellers focus on who will provide them with a better overall bottom line result. 

Just give me a call on 0275 424 707 if you would like advice on presentation for sale purposes, or which jobs will likely add value, and which jobs will not. If you would like two opinions, I will bring my business partner Tania Osborne with me.




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