International House Sizes

New Zealand has the third largest average new house size after Australia and USA, with China and Hong Kong having the smallest. It is difficult to compare, because most of the world is building apartments, whereas a few countries are predominantly building detached homes. We don’t have comparisons for most third world countries.

While some of this information is a bit historical and incomplete, it is still interesting, and the differences are significant. Here are some approximate examples:

Country                                Floor area (all new)        Floor area (new detached)

Australia                              206m2                                   2235m2

USA                                       203m2                                   221m2

New Zealand                      176m2                                    200m2

Denmark                             137m2

Japan                                    132m2                                   187m2

Canada                                                                                 177m2

Belgium                                119m2

France                                  113m2

Germany                              109m2

Austria                                    96m2

Ireland                                    82m2

Sweden                                  83m2

United Kingdom                   76m2

China                                       65m2

Hong Kong                             50m2




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