Marketing Reach

The advantage of marketing reach is that your property benefits from potentially more Buyers or Tenants. The more people interested in your property, the greater the chance of multiple offers or better competition at auction, and a better price. 

Bayleys sell one in every five properties in New Zealand across residential, lifestyle, rural, commercial and industrial. Bayleys marketing reach is most impressive. As well as our individual data bases of buyers and tenants, Bayleys have some combined data bases for targeting interested buyers and tenants for specific property categories. 

As an example, for a modest marketing investment, my commercial landlords can have their space promoted by eDM  to over 6,500 potential  Commercial Tenants from Bayleys commercial tenant database. In addition, the property or space to lease is marketed on three commercial websites, two Facebook pages and Linkedin. Bayleys have specialist property magazines and excellent rates with the printed media. The marketing reach is most impressive. 

Different people search for properties in different ways, and it is important to use all forms of marketing to maximise the reach, in order to maximise the price.

We help clients to make money – not save money.



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