The REAL issue with CURTAINS


Honestly! I live in a home and all I do with the curtains is open and shut them! Where is the need to pull them down, swap them round, loose them, replace them, steal them, and basically give property managers all manner of grief??!!!

Don’t they know that investors do not like being told that the brown Aztec curtains that have lived there quite happily for 10 years are now orange? Or missing …  Ok, so you might think it is obvious why the investor does not like being told that, but bare with me. The plot thickens here …

The real issue with missing curtains is that if they are over seven or eight years old they have absolutely no value in the eyes of the adjudicator.  None.  Zip.  Nadda.  Ain’t worth a red razoo.

I have just been to Tribunal and part of the claim was $800 odd to replace the missing curtains. How old were the curtains? I am asked. Well at least five years I answer truthfully. Ok, comes the reply. Then they only had 1 or 2 years of life left in them.  The value of the replacement curtains is taken and divided by the expected life of the old curtains and allocated an amount per year. Less what they had ‘lived‘ left in this case approx $100 that the owner was awarded.  Hmmmm …

My protests of “But the owner may not of chosen to replace them for another 10 years!” Fell on polite, but deaf ears. Nor was my cry of, “He had no choice but to replace them because of the tenants actions”, heard.

I was however enlightened on the subject of ‘Betterment’.  (I am grateful for the lesson.) It is not upon the tenant to leave the property ‘Better’ than when they moved in. They aren’t really even expected to leave the property in the same condition.  Oh don’t get me wrong.  Damage will always be pursued through the tribunal system.  But basic wear and tear, basic lived in stuff is absolutely acceptable. But that isn’t what I am talking about here.

Really, *sigh* … what I am whining about, and procrastinating over, is the fact that I have to make another one of those phone calls.  And I don’t really don’t want to!



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October 12 2011 07:44 am | conflict / resolution and Customer Service and Investors and landlords and Tenants

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