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Hi and welcome,

The Unconditional website is a source of content and conversations about the real estate industry and the property market. It has a varied mix of personal blogs written by active real estate agents, up to date market information and reports, all designed to assist anyone interested in buying or selling any kind of property in NZ.

The form of communication established through blogs provides what I believe is a key demonstration of the transparency which the real estate industry wants to portray – those active bloggers on this site should be in my opinion celebrated for taking the opportunity to be honest and to demonstrate their confidence to speak openly about their area of expertise, I would encourage you to have a read and comment on their many and varied posts.

In addition this site also hosts the Unconditional blog. This blog started back in 2007 endeavours to provide insight and opinion about all aspects of the industry for the general public as well as the industry.

The Unconditional website and blog is a part of realestate.co.nz, the official website of the real estate industry. The website of realestate.co.nz is an industry owned site showcasing the most comprehensive range of listings of any NZ property website. 

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